WordPress With Amazon CloudFront and W3 Total Cache

  It’s amazing how many posts there are on setting up WordPress with Amazon CloudFront and W3 Total Cache. Edit (November 2016): As luck would have it, Amazon decided to change the look and feel of the AWS Management Console day’s after I published this post. You’ll still be able to set up WordPress with […]

Is The Genesis Prose Theme Still Available?

  I wrote a post a while back on another blog about the Genesis Prose Theme. Someone recently left a comment on that post that stated: Hi, the prose site isn’t on the studio press site anymore, so I can’t update it. I still use it and love it and haven’t had any problems with it […]

The All New Triumph Bonneville Models For 2017

  If you’re a Triumph fan, than it’s probably not news to you that they recently announced the all new Triumph Bonneville Models for 2017. If you’re not a follower of Triumph, but happen to like the looks of any of these new machines, than keep reading. I hope to give you an all-in-one guide of […]

Triumph Thruxton Tail Bag: Get the Kriega

  I got tired of toting around a back pack every time I ran to the store on my Thruxton. I needed something a little more convenient, with the ability to hold a bit more than I could cram in my everyday back pack. What I needed was a Triumph Thruxton Tail Bag, and did I […]

Apple Watch Apps Missing Since iOS 10 Release?

  Put on the ole Apple Watch this morning, and realized one of my go to apps was missing. It was pretty obvious to me as I had this set as a compilation in my watch face, and there was no compilation in that space. If you have Apple Watch apps missing since the iOS 10 […]

Gas Mileage Impact Of Dominator Touring Exhaust On A Triumph Thruxton

A few years back, I created a chart to track the gas mileage I was getting on my 2013 Triumph Thruxton. At that time, the bike was basically stock, and I was pretty impressed with the miles per gallon (MPG) I was getting. If you are looking for information related to the gas mileage on […]