Amazon CPM Ads Not Displaying In WordPress

  Are your Amazon CPM Ads not displaying in your WordPress post? Perhaps you were using Google Adsense without any issues, and recently started experimenting with Amazon CPM Ads. All of the sudden, you’re ads stopped displaying. Don’t blame Amazon, I’m willing to bet it’s a Plugin issue, more specifically the Autoptimize plugin. Amazon CPM […]

Issues With BackupBuddy And GoDaddy Shared Hosting

  I was having all kinds of issues with BackupBuddy and GoDaddy shared hosting. It actually goes beyond just BackupBuddy, as I was having similar issues with other backup plugins before I took the plunge with BackupBuddy. The Updraft Plus plugin would crash my site while it attempted to run. Duplicator would throw errors that […]

WordPress CloudFront CDN Using W3 Total Cache

  It’s amazing how many posts there are on setting up a WordPress CloudFront CDN with W3 Total Cache. The problem is, every post you read has a different spin, and trying to make sense of it is enough to drive one crazy. To make matters worse, a number of these posts have it plain wrong. […]

Is The Genesis Prose Theme Still Available?

  I wrote a post a while back on another blog about the Genesis Prose Theme. Someone recently left a comment on that post that stated: Hi, the prose site isn’t on the studio press site anymore, so I can’t update it. I still use it and love it and haven’t had any problems with it […]

The All New Triumph Bonneville Models For 2017

  If you’re a Triumph fan, than it’s probably not news to you that they recently announced the all new Triumph Bonneville Models for 2017. If you’re not a follower of Triumph, but happen to like the looks of any of these new machines, than keep reading. I hope to give you an all-in-one guide of […]

Best Tail Bag For A Triumph Thruxton – Kriega

  I got tired of toting around a back pack every time I ran to the store on my Thruxton. I needed something a little more convenient, with the ability to hold a bit more than I could cram in my everyday back pack. What I needed was a Triumph Thruxton Tail Bag, that looked good […]