Is The Genesis Prose Theme Still Available?


I wrote a post a while back on another blog about the Genesis Prose Theme. Someone recently left a comment on that post that stated:

Hi, the prose site isn’t on the studio press site anymore, so I can’t update it. I still use it and love it and haven’t had any problems with it just by updating wordpress and genesis, but my question is which theme replaces prose? I mean is there one where I don’t have to edit the theme by going into code? (this is also what made me buy this theme)

I wasn’t aware StudioPress stopped selling the Prose Theme, so I needed to do a bit of research. Sure enough, the Genesis Prose theme is no longer available.

Is The Genesis Prose Theme Still Available?

One word – no!

So why did StudioPress stop selling the Prose theme? No idea, you’ll have to ask them.

I can still access the Prose Theme page on the my StudioPress site, but it doesn’t appear I can download that any longer. The theme is no longer listed as one you can purchase.

So no, the Genesis Prose Theme is not available any longer for download.

Now What?

Well, you have plenty of other Genesis theme options. In fact, there’s actually a few free Genesis Child theme’s on the market. Some of which have even been designed/created by Brian Gardner, who created StudioPress.

But if you are looking for the Prose theme because of it’s ease of use, you are out of luck. It’s not available.

Or are you?

I’m running the Prose Theme on this site. It’s not the fanciest theme, but it does it’s job for me. I purchased this years ago, and I’ve been running it ever since I stood up this blog.

If you really have your heart set on using the Prose Theme, I’ll let you download my copy.

I don’t think I’m breaking any laws, since Studio Press is no longer offering or selling the Prose Theme.

So here you go, download the Prose Theme right here. Keep in mind, you’ll still need to purchase the Genesis Framework in order to run the Prose Theme. And that will be on your dime.

Bonus Feature

Have you ever wanted to set up a CDN for your WordPress site? Look no further, I created quite the post to assist with using Amazon CloudFront for WordPress.

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